SimCity DLC adds Nissan-branded building to the game – it is free, mind


Booting up SimCity today will see you presented with the choice of installing some free DLC – a rare occurrence in gaming, we can all agree. the pack only adds a single item, the Nissan Leaf Charging Station.

From the name it would be a fair guess that the building’s a power plant for foliage but, apparently, it’s a pseudo-fuel pump for electric cars.

The charging station is a wholly good building to plop down as it raises local happiness and doesn’t add any pollution to the city. Another nice little touch is that you’ll start seeing residents driving the Nissan cars about the city.

We don’t often see branded DLC packs but it’s not something that’s inherently evil, often a bit of real-world branding can really add to a game’s verisimilitude (if that’s what they’re going for – the Red Bull branding in Judge Dredd: Dredd Vs. Death was just weird). As long as EA don’t start charging for it or breaking their own game (further) to jam a few endorsements into it.

You can read a little more about how to install the DLC over on EA Answers.

Thanks, RPS.