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EA to repeal The Sims 4’s accidental ban on gay names

The Sims 4: shortly to be as inclusive as the series ever was.

The Sims Studio are working on an update for The Sims 4 that will revoke its current ban on homosexual references in the game’s Gallery. At the moment, sims with names incorporating “forbidden” phrases are met with an error message when attempting to upload them to the online sharing hub.

The issue was first highlighted in a video by Why Stuff is Great, which reveals that players are unable to upload sims with words including ‘gay’, ‘queer’, ‘lesbian’ or ‘homosexual’ in their name or description.

The error message informs players only that the character’s blurb “contains a forbidden word”.

EA have promised that an upcoming update will wipe away the problems caused by its over-conservative rude words filter, however.

“The Sims has a long history of supporting stories that players want to tell, irrespective of gender preference,” the publisher told Kotaku.

“The Gallery uses an automated filtering program that filters out certain words, including some of the ones you mentioned. We are aware of [and] have been working on a fix, which will be out soon.”

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