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Dark Souls and Blasphemous collide in this Steam demo you can try now

With a release set for later this year, you can try the Dark Souls and Blasphemous inspired Skelethrone with a Steam demo right now.

Skelethrone Steam demo: a women in skeleton armor

If you’re in the market for a 2D platformer in the vein of games like Blasphemous, Castlevania, and Dark Souls, the upcoming Skelethrone might just be for you. With plenty of non-linear Metroidvania progression and a 2D combat system clearly inspired by the work of FromSoftware, the game’s free Steam demo is definitely worth a shot.

With a Metroidvania game framework, Skelethrone just dropped a free Steam prologue, so basically a demo, that you can try right now ahead of the full release later this year. Called Skelethrone: The Prey, the demo channels the exploration and bosses of the full release, except the story takes place before the events of the main game.

After taking Skelethrone for a spin myself I was really taken aback by the art style, there’s a retro feel to it that I can’t quite place, but the environments and enemies still look great. The combat is a little janky so far, but it’s got all the tenets of a soulslike in limited heals, checkpoints, dodge rolling, soul collecting, and more.

I’m always one for giving these types of demos a chance, and Skelethrone is one that I’ve enjoyed quite a bit. It’s often difficult to go up against the greats of these genres, so I’m hopeful that Skelethrone sticks the landing.

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You’ll find the Skelethrone demo available for free on Steam right here, with the full game set to come out around Q2 2024.

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