S.K.I.L.L. is a fast-paced, anti-alien multiplayer FPS that we have 100 beta keys for


“Fancy an alien fight?”, ask Gameforge. Do you know, I fancy I do. And as it turns out, Gameforge’s new multiplayer shooter is an all-you-can-eat alien fight buffet for up to 16 players. 

S.K.I.L.L. – Special Force 2 slips quietly into hush-hush closed beta today, and you can sign up on the S.K.I.L.L site or camp out on their Facebook page for more news on keys. But I hear you can also jump the queue if you know the right people. Maybe people writing about PC games. Maybe us. I mean us. PCGamesN. We have some keys.

Beyond slick variants on deathmatch and team-deathmatch, S.K.I.L.L. boasts an “apocalyptical” Survival mode, in which you and up to three others will face waves of Sectoids doing their very best impersonation of an unstoppable force.

Once you’re good and jealous of the Sectoid’s potent mix of ranged, melee and paralysis attacks, you’ll want to try Party mode, in which one team takes on the role of the invaders.

If you like the sound of that, send us a private message on Facebook. Ask nicely and, so long as we’ve any left and you’ve remembered to turn on private messages yourself, we’ll fire a key back. After that, you’ll want to head here and click the ‘Play Now for Free’ option, and then ‘Redeem Beta Key’.

Check your chosen email account to confirm your details, before downloading the game client (direct link). Once you’re done there, it’s simply a matter of steeling yourself for the Xenos while S.K.I.L.L installs.

Oh – anddolet us know how you get on, won’t you?