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Skyforge’s Hostile Territories are new group areas about forcing bad guys into ghost trees


The MMO plot is a wonderous thing. Going to any lengths to justify the endless respawning of enemies, the equally long pursuit of loot and the reason all the bosses in the dungeon don’t just come get you when you walk in. In the case of Hostile Territories, Skyforge’s new group areas, players are following in the path of a god of flowers who discovered areas of the world being attacked by aliens. At these locations are Ether Resonators (ghost trees) which, when activated, what you to feed them the deaths of nearby enemies to help heal the world. Or something.

A venerable old man attempts to explain in this new video:

Up to five players can band together to attempt these challenges, with each completed Resonator giving you the option of cashing out or charging forward into bigger danger and better rewards. Each Resonator demands you kill a few of a certain type of enemies or will point you towards an optional boss if you’re feeling brave. Enemies will drop useful loot of various types, while sated Resonators will provide big bundles of Skyforge’s XP-like Sparks of Evolution if you choose not to continue to the next. Completing quests in these zones will also provide their own rewards.

Some more info over on the official blog. Hostile Territories are available now, assuming you’ve got a character of the right level and power. Put an evil bug in a ghost tree for me, friends.