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Free games: Win a Steam key for Slayaway Camp to become an ’80s horror legend!

Slayaway Camp

You are Skullface. You are a bloodthirsty murderer. There are campers who think they can lay their tents and scoff burnt sausages on your hallowed grounds. You must go and kill them. Oh, but before you sort them out – you psycho – we’re giving away 50 Steam keys for Slayaway Camp. Want one?

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Slayaway Camp is a killer puzzle game. We don’t just mean that it is good by that – you literally play as a murderer and have to kill people in grisly ways in order to progress. It is, essentially, Friday the 13th – in which you play Jason Voorhees – turned into a puzzle game about movement.

Each level is a grid that you move around, a square at a time, chasing your victims intowood-chippers, lawnmowers, and even Sumerian demon incantations – all while avoiding the cops and the deathly traps yourself, of course. So, yeah, it gets gory pretty fast. But Slayaway Camp’s voxel graphics mean that it is never too horrifying – in fact, the murders can be pretty funny at times.

We are giving away 50 Steam keys for Slayaway Camp in order to celebrate its recent arrival on the Nintendo Switch. If you want one then all you have to do is enter the competition via the widget below.

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