Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition updates visuals but no mod support coming

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Back in August United Front Games announced Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition, a comprehensive collection of the open world game’s 24 DLC packs and a host of improvements to the base game. We’ve now learned a little more about what that entails. There’s newly crisped textures and increased draw distances, as well as full 1080p as the new standard.

However, the team have denied hopes of mod support in even a limited form.

“We’ve increased the overall resolution of the game so it’s now natively running in 1080p,” wrote United Front Games’ community manager. “The textures have also had their resolutions increased as draw distances have been increased as well, making things sharper! Add to this volumetric fog to represent the humidity of Hong Kong and hopefully you’ll have the background of your dreams.”

Don’t be fooled by the trailer, that’s actually live action, flesh and blood people:

As far as changes to the game’s workings, UFG are leaving it much the same: “The difficulty of certain bits was changed and adjusted a few bits in combat (such as the counter window time). The camera, vehicles and physics have also seen their fair share of love as well and so have the DLCs” but “we’ve tried to maintain the integrity of the original game so you won’t see massive changes.”

The disappointing news is that the community’s hopes for some sort of mod support have been quashed. In response to one commenter’s question the community manager says that it was discussed but it “isn’t possible as part of this release in particular.” Which, while it leaves it open to interpretation that future releases might, likely means Sleeping Dogs will never get mod support.

Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition’s release date’s set for 10 October in Europe and 14 October in the States.