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Smite Tactics repurposes the MOBA series' lore for turn-based strategy

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Developers Hi-Rez are expanding the Smite universe with Smite Tactics, a turn-based strategy game set in the same fantasy universe. Check out the announcement trailer above. 

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They've had a go at third-person MOBAs with Smite, and they've entered the FPS market with Paladins, so it's only natural for them to grow their library of genres. 

“We’ve always wanted to expand the Smite universe,” said Scott Lussier, lead designer on Smite Tactics. “Smite has millions of fans worldwide, and with Smite Tactics, players will get to experience mythological warfare from a whole new perspective, overseeing battles as their favourite gods and goddesses while wielding their signature abilities.” 

In the Unreal 4-built Smite Tactics, you'll play as a god deploying minions across a battlefield. Each unit will have its own abilities, strengths and weaknesses, so building the right army before each battle will be key to victory.

Players will be able to compete in 1v1 ranked competitive modes and experience various adventure modes versus AI.

Testing for Smite Tactics is scheduled to begin before the end of the year. Be one of the first to play by signing up for the closed beta.

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hahnchen avatarThe Great Gratzby avatar
The Great Gratzby Avatar
The Great Gratzby(1 hour played)
1 Year ago

To fully capture the feel of the original, I hope the units will tell me to get the fuck out of their lane, call me a worthless f****t, abandon the game randomly and just generally act like raging shits any time I click on them or try to do anything at all.

hahnchen Avatar
1 Year ago

I was fine with them cloning a $60 AAA hero shooter from a massive company and making it free.

I'm less OK with them just cloning Duelyst, a Kickstarter funded indie. What will they clone next?