Smite patch 3.3 brings tweaks, fresh god skins, extra voice packs and adds quests for new players


Smite’s latest patch adds new god skins, voice packs and achievements, as well as the usual assortment of tweaks to items and the gods themselves.

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The new god skins add some devil horns for Raijin, some reaper tech-powered armour for Thanatos, an undying variant for Xing Tian, and plenty more. Three of the new skins will also have voice packs to compliment them, with new audio for Raijin, Thanatos and Cupid.

There are also a bunch of new Achievements and a map specific change for Conquest that makes Fire Elementals have a respawn timer in the world.

A few new tweaks have been added to make Smite more noob friendly, too, so now when players queue for a mode for the first time they will be provided with more detailed information about the mode, as well as an option to learn more in the tutorial.

On top of this, new Players will have a series of quests that will have them exploring different aspects of the game and earning rewards for doing so.

There are also a bunch of god and item changes that you can read in the full Smite patch notes on the official site. Or you can watch this video: