Sniper Elite 3 unveiled: Rebellion’s “sandbox” sequel trailered with jeep murder


I couldn’t remember whether or not we already knew about Sniper Elite 3, and so donned my mask and descended to the PCGN archive, stopping every few steps to listen for the telltale rumble of impending cave-ins. Sniper Elite 3 turns out not only to be a thing we know about but a thing to care about too, “more of a sandbox game” that its recent predecessors.

It’s mildly encouraging to see Rebellion’s disgusting X-Ray bone-snap cam put to potentially entertaining tactical use, but it’s still very much about pushing a piece of your enemy’s brain matter out the back of their head. Rather than sniping, as you might have foolishly allowed yourself to expect – even now, three iterations into the (sometimes zombie) nazi exploratory surgery sim.

The man with the sluggish bullets is American OSS Agent Karl Bairburne, who’s behind enemy lines in North Africa looking for dramatically explosive weak spots on Tiger Tanks. He’ll come up against a new threat in the form of a “German technology that could crush Allied resistance for good”. We don’t do spoilers here at PCGamesN, but I’ve an inkling that they might not manage that.

Is that single word, “sandbox”, enough to prick your ears for the duration of Sniper Elite 3’s promo campaign?