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From mecha Hitler to nuclear Gandhi, we run down PC gaming’s worst political leaders

Worst political leaders

Politics, eh? They just can’t keep it out of gaming. Wherever you turn, there’s a dirty politician ready to ruin your day, be they the end-game boss in your shooter or the faction leader of an RTS. But of the very many political leaders out to ruin a protagonists day, who are the very worst? That’s what our video aims to find out. 

Don’t be the worst. Play the best PC games instead. 

Being judged for their war crimes today are the likes of Wolfenstein’s Hitler (including exhibits A, his mech suit), Half-Life 2’s turtleneck-wearing Dr. Breen, Civilization’s trigger-happy Gandhi, and a very special guest-star we dare not spoil. To find out exactly what makes them the seven worst-of-the-worst, simply click the play button above.

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