Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army gets a free eBook all about zombies, Nazis and Hitler


Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army is out tomorrow, effortlessly combining the dual themes of Nazis and zombies, shattering taboos with its unique brand of World War II undead survival horror. But if you don’t think you’re capable of dealing with the upheaval of everything you thought you knew about the Second World War, there’s an official eBook prequel available to act as a sort of primer. It has some amazing lines.

Written by sci-fi legend Jon Green, Nazi Zombie Army:Götterdämmerung explains exactly how Hitler came to enact ‘Plan Z’, the long-standing military tactic of reanimating a legion of dead soldiers in order to turn the tide of war, just in case you thought that was notfeasible or likely.

The book’s available on Kindle, something called a Kobo and as a straight-up, honest to god PDF file.