Sniper Elite series sells over 10m units during its lifetime


It turns out people really like watching testicles explode in slow motion. In fact, over 10million of us have partaken in the sordid pastime of sitting on a faraway hill with a high powered rifle and popping gonads. Good times.

The latest in the series, Sniper Elite 3, was released last year and I thought it was pretty good. That’s a Kirk seal of approval right there. The simple joy of a slow motion X-ray overlay to accompany a well placed shot is a macabre hook, but there’s something about seeing the damage a well placed bullet can cause to a virtual soldier that’s quite moreish.

There’s a bit in the game where you sneak into an enemy controlled castle and climb onto the embankments – once in position, you fire in time to the claps of thunder to mask the sound of your shots. It’s about the only memorable section in the game, but it is a great moment. It helps that the series has always been commited to co-op, too. Now, I’ll get the testicle on the right, you get the one on the left.

Rebellion are rightly quite pleased with the sales the series has achieved since its debut in 2005.

“Whether you’ve bought one or whether you’ve bought all of our Sniper products, thank you very much for supporting indie development in the UK,” said Rebellion CEO and co-founder Jason Kingsley. “It’s been a pleasure to deliver great games for you and hopefully we’ll go on to do more in the future.”

No doubt we’ll see more from the series in the future, and if you want an idea of what that future could look like for Rebellion, check out this chat we had with Kingsley a while back.

I want to see them have another go at one of their 2000 AD games, personally. Judge Dredd was alright, and Rogue Trooper was brilliant – I’d be happy to see a revival of either. Those comics were my childhood. Someone make a Strontium Dog game while we’re at it, yeah?

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