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So PCGamesN are Steam Curators now - gizza follow for the best PC games of 2014

Steam Curators

We all logged into Steam yesterday to be met by its dramatic new Discovery Update. In an effort to push relevant PC games to the top, your front page is now personalised according to past purchases, and voluntary association with shadowy Steam Curators.

We had a look, and it turns out Valve define Curators as individuals / organisations / groups who publish views and recommendations in a public forum. And we thought, cor, that sounds like us. So that’s a thing we’re doing now.

We’ve chosen to highlight the PC games we think are the year’s best. It’s only September, of course, and the very best may be yet to come – so we’ll update the list every few weeks with new recommendations and links to our reviews.

We’ve mustered a varied bunch to begin with – from the exhausting complexity of Distant Worlds to the compelling simplicity of Child of Light and Transistor; from the pure mechanical satisfaction of Luftrausers and Dark Souls II to the emotional wounding of Broken Age and The Banner Saga.

Decide to follow us, and our picks will emerge on your Steam home page. You’ll also spot them on your community activity feed, where you can rate our choices or comment on just how badly wrong we’ve got it.

We’ll be curating away in the months to come. And now you know where to find us. Any suggestions for games to include, while we’re here?