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The best strategy game of 2024 just got better than ever with new DLC

The best strategy game of the year, which mixes Civilization 6 with Doom, is bigger and better thanks to a smart new DLC, available now.

Solium Infernum Steam strategy game new DLC: A huge demon from Steam strategy game Solium Infernum

Your decisions in strategy games are normally quite practical. Harvest a new area in Civilization 6 because you need resources. Buy a load of tanks in Command and Conquer because the enemy base is guarded by turrets. Divide the workers according to vitality in Frostpunk. The best strategy experience of 2024 however is very different. Couched in psychology, duplicity, and political double-dealing, it’s a unique game of paranoia and intrigue, and it just got even bigger and better thanks to a new DLC, out now.

Solium Infernum is a studio-led remake of the underground, 2009 cult classic. As one of several archfiends, your goal is to capture the infernal throne of Hell after Lucifer mysteriously vanishes. A strategy game where you make a smaller number of decisions, every single choice has significant and far-reaching consequences.

If you insult a rival archfiend in front of the underworld Conclave, you risk losing support and potentially starting an all-out war. If you announce your plans in front of the political elite, it could bring additional prestige and move you closer to power – or it could backfire and make you look like a fool. Our glowing Solium Infernum review provides a full analysis. What you really need to know is that this is one of the best games of the year, and a new DLC provides the perfect opportunity to get started.

Joining the roster of backstabbing archfiends is Belphegor, a particularly vile and devious demon whose powers are rooted in hellish technology. Belphegor comes with his own personal legion, the Servitors, and a powerful praetor – one of several specialized warriors that offer your armies buffs during combat, and can fight to resolve feuds on your behalf.

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Most significantly, Belphegor can construct ‘Dark Pylons,’ nightmarish, baroque towers that cover the infernal plains and sap energy and morale from any enemy legions that make the mistake of coming near. Belphegor also has his own ‘Chronicle,’ a single-player quest line that reveals more about his dreadful past.

Available now, the new Solium Infernum DLC has launched with a 10% discount, and costs $8.99 / £7.65. Of course, you will need the base game to play it – you can find both right here.

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