SOMA developer diary shows off music, pre-orders now available


Creepy undersea run-away-from-the-argh ’em up SOMA is just around the corner, launching on the 22nd of September to the terrified whimper of all. It’s from Frictional Games, who made similar in tone but mansion-based Amnesia: The Dark Descent. They’re very good at making the internet wet its collective pants. With release so close, three announcements have all hit at once.

First, a small Facebook update announced that the game is nearly content locked. This means nothing new will be added to the game from now on and all efforts will be on polish, bug fixes and PR to make sure it actually gets those sweet, sweet sales. In conjunction with that was the game going up for pre-order on Steam at £20.69 or slightly cheaper on GOG at £17.39.

There’s also a new developer diary from the composer of the game, Mikko Tarmia, explaining all the different methods he’s using to create sounds for SOMA:

There’s some seriously haunting hints in there. Sound is always the bit of a horror game that gets me noping out. I’m unbelievably susceptible to your average jump scare, so adding in a sense of foreboding and some chilling music via excellent sound design spells doom for my play session. SOMA’s story and world look fascinating, but it’s seeming more and more likely that I’ll experience it from behind a pillow in front of YouTube rather than with mouse and keyboard in hand.