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Free Steam keys: We have 50 codes for new procedural Zelda-like Songbringer up for grabs!


The original Legend of Zelda is over 30 years old but it’s still being cribbed from by developers – sometimes even as a direct homage. Last year’s Hyper Light Drifter is one of the most obvious modern examples. Now, this year, we have Songbringer, which takes the Zelda characteristics into a procedurally generated planet, full of secrets and dungeons.

It works by having you choose a six-letter word before you start on your quest. That word generates a world seed for you to head into – you can use one you’re familiar with if you like, or produce something totally new.

From there, you take on the role of accidental heroRoq Epimetheos, who stumbles across the nanosword – a blade forged to destroy evil – as he evades the galactic police, exploring as many planets as he can.

The rest will be familiar: the game’s strongest ingredients are its swords, secrets, dungeons, and bosses. Roq travels with his skybot, Jib, who scans for loot and can help out in combat situations – you can also play in local co-op, one of you as Roq, the other as Jib. The rest of the game is all about finding gear to improve your chances of completing a quest and scoring high on the leaderboards.

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