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Stunning fantasy 4X game gets funded in eight hours, new demo out now

Combining turn-based strategy, RTS combat, deckbuilders, and music by a Final Fantasy legend, a new 4X game is funded and available to try.

Songs of Silence Steam 4X game: A hero from Steam 4X game Songs of Silence

Between strategy and 4X games, burgeoning new RTS experiences that capture the spirit of Command and Conquer, and joyous deckbuilders like Slay The Spire, it can be hard to know how to spend your gaming time. Civilization 7 is in the works. Frostpunk 2 is on the way. And you’ve likely poured hours into Balatro. But one new 4X game, which has managed to hit its crowdfunding goal in just eight hours, combines aspects from all of these hits with a gorgeous, colorful aesthetic and a soundtrack from Final Fantasy and Valkyria Chronicles veteran Hitoshi Sakimoto. Available to try right now thanks to a revamped and expanded demo, this is definitely one for your Steam wishlist.

Songs of Silence is a new 4X game with a twist – or rather, a few twists. Building and kingdom management are traditionally turn-based, but combat is where the game truly comes to life. Battles are swift and intense, and played in real time using a selection of cards. Cultivate your deck, play the right hand at the right moment, and you’ll score satisfying victories. But you need to be swift and decisive, as war in Songs of Silence is normally over in less than a minute. It adds a dose of reflexive, quick decision-making to what is sometimes the glacial pace of standard strategy games.

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With a distinctive art nouveau art style and a glorious soundtrack, Songs of Silence has managed to hit its lofty crowdfunding goal in under eight hours. To mark the occasion, developer Chimera Entertainment has expanded and relaunched the initial demo.

There’s an improved  and revamped map, improvements across all aspects of gameplay including opponent AI, and the skirmish mode is now available right away. The Steam Early Access period for Songs of Silence begins Thursday May 23, but you can try it right now, right here.

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