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See new Sonic villain Edgelord Maximus in this villain trailer


Sonic Forces is enlisting the help of Modern Sonic, Classic Sonic, and your own Sonic character to stave off Dr. Eggman and his forces. Thanks to this new trailer, we know that includes a team of Chaos, Metal Sonic, Shadow, and a brand new bad guy whose name has yet to be revealed – we’ll call him Edgelord Maximus, for now. 

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Luckily you’ll be there to wipe the floor with each of them, no matter how ominous the new guy’s introductory music feels. He’s also got some sort of infinity symbol apparently associated with him, though there aren’t many other clues as to what his name may be.

He’s got a whole bunch of cyber cubes floating around him in the air, which means he’s doubly evil. You can see all of this in the trailer above.

Sonic Forces is due out in Q4 2017.