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Blue (and spiky) is in this autumn as Sonic electrifies London Fashion Week

Sonic mania (no, not that kind) swept London Fashion Week as everyone's favourite hedgehog appeared on his own catwalk show

Of all the videogame IPs I might have thought could fit in at a fashion show, I think Sonic the Hedgehog would have been reasonably far down the list. It seems, however, that I would have been wrong, as everyone’s favourite hedgehog featured at London Fashion Week over the weekend.

On September 15, designer duo Fyodor Golan’s latest collection took to the  ̶c̶a̶t̶ hedgehogwalk. Part of that collection included five exclusive outfits developed in partnership with SEGA Europe, while one of the duo himself also appeared in a Sonic t-shirt at the end of the show.

A press release issued today points out that this isn’t the first time high fashion has crossed over into the world of videogames. The most notable example of that came in 2016, when Louis Vuitton used Final Fantasy 13 heroine Lightning as the face of its Spring clothing line. Sonic is, however, arguably the most iconic character to ever be portrayed on the runway, part of what SEGA director of brand licensing Jason Rice describes as an attempt to align the character with “highly aspirational and inspiring brands.”

Fyodor Golan headed by design duo Fyodor Podgorny and Golan Frydman. According to the London Fashion Week website, the pair have a background in Fine Art, but have also worked to bring “unique collaborations” to the catwalk. Those include, for the record, My Little Pony, Transformers, Coca-Cola, and Post-It, among others.

You can check all of the images from Fyodor Golan’s show out in the gallery above. I have to say, I’m a little disappointed there don’t appear to have been any Sonic mascot suits on the runway, but you take what you can get, I suppose.