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Sons of the Forest overtaken by The Forest on Steam, but don’t worry

Sons of the Forest's Steam player count has just been overtaken by The Forest, as the two games duke it out amid their respective sales.

Sons of the Forest Steam players: a man in loincloth with a golden mask

Sons of the Forest has been slightly overtaken by the original The Forest on Steam, as both games go up against one another in the ongoing Spring Sale. With The Forest getting a much steeper discount, it looks like more players are taking a trip down memory lane, despite Sons of the Forest’s recent 1.0 launch.

As of the time of writing, Sons of the Forest has 25,367 players while The Forest has 25,901. This is a small difference, but since the Steam Spring Sale started on Thursday, March 14 both games have seen their player counts jump dramatically. Sons of the Forest 1.0 launched back in February and had a big rise from the average player count of around 10,000, so it’s not like the survival game has slowed down.

Instead, Sons of the Forest is just 25% off during the sale, with The Forest a more drastic 75% off, leading me to believe that the game has seen renewed interest as players come to it potentially for the first time, despite the sequel just finding its feet.

Sons of the Forest Steam players: a look at the SteamDB data for two games

We loved the sequel in our Sons of the Forest review during early access, and it’s not showing any signs of slowing down now that it’s hit 1.0. That said, I’m always fascinated by how people revisit games in a series, even if temporarily, simply because it’s cheaper for a limited time. If you fancy giving The Forest another go now would be the time – after all, what better time to make use of the new multiplayer functionality?

If you’re jumping back into the game with the recent launch of 1.0, we’ve got all the best Sons of the Forest base locations alongside exactly where to find the Sons of the Forest Modern Axe location as well.

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