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New Viking action strategy game channeling 2D Valheim hits Steam soon

From the publisher of Manor Lords and Against the Storm comes Sons of Valhalla, a base-building side-scroller that now has a release date.

Sons of Valheim release date: a bright 2D pixelart image of a Viking facing off against a man on a horse with a spear

Twisting the likes of Valheim and Stardew Valley into a 2D pixel sidescroller where you control a vengeful Viking, Sons of Valhalla looks like a great surprise for 2024. From Hooded Horse, the publisher of the second most-wishlisted Steam game Manor Lords and incredible city builder Against the Storm, Sons of Valhalla seems like quite the genre mashup, and it finally has a release date. Oh, and it’s really soon too.

From the publisher of games like Xenonauts 2, Against the Storm, and the upcoming Manor Lords, Sons of Valhalla is a Viking game that combines side-scrolling combat with base-building strategy, all under the umbrella of a gorgeous pixel art style.

You play as the Odin-backed Thorald Olavson, who’s on a quest to hunt down the Jarl responsible for kidnapping his beloved and burning his village. From here you need to build a stronghold, raid settlements, fortify your base, and engage in tactical combat while fighting on the front lines yourself.

Between all the base building and raiding, you’ll need to engage in a push and pull with the Jarl’s own forces as they attack you back. So while you can march forward and invade other villages, you’ll also need to make sure you’ve got enough in the way of defenses and manpower at the same time.

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On top of the six-chapter story mode, you can challenge yourself with an endless horde option too, where you’ll be squaring off against the over 40 enemy types. If surprises like Balatro have taught me anything, you never know when a promising game is going to take off, and Sons of Valhalla could very well be one of them.

Sons of Valhalla comes straight to Steam in 1.0 on Friday, April 5. You can wishlist the game right here.

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