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Gorgeous new Steam Viking game is basically a 2D Valheim

From the publisher behind Manor Lords and Against the Storm, a new Steam Viking game, available to play now, feels just like a 2D Valheim.

Sons of Valhalla Steam Viking game: A Jarl sits on a throne in Hooded Horse Viking game Sons of Valhalla

Manor Lords is one of the most wishlisted games on Steam, whereas Against the Storm, the dark city builder launched back in December, has already earned a flawless 10/10 user rating. Now, publisher Hooded Horse is putting a twist on Valheim, thanks to a gorgeous new pixel-art Viking game that you can try for yourself right now. Combining strategy, base building, combat, and farming, all via a distinctive 2D aesthetic, this could be one of the most promising new games of 2024.

Welcome to Sons of Valhalla, which looks like Stardew Valley if it grew a beard, picked up an axe, and drank its body weight in mead. A combination side scroller, base builder, and Viking game, you play as Thorald Olavson, a seasoned warrior trying to track down the Jarl who burned down his home. Middle-Ages England is a treacherous place, however, and you need to cultivate an army, build dwellings and defenses, and carefully manage your budding war party across myriad raids and skirmishes.

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Sons of Valhalla is all about the ebb and flow of battle. If you’re running low on resources, you can attack nearby villages and grab whatever you need. Overpower them entirely, and you can capture them for yourself. The Jarl’s forces are quick to retaliate, however. If you don’t manage your army and your arsenal effectively, you’ll cede ground back to your enemies, and have to build yourself back up.

You can build siege machines, issue orders to your troops, and get involved on the frontlines yourself. Developed by Pixel Chest, Sons of Valhalla has a striking, detailed pixel aesthetic, mixing chunky animations with vibrant environments and weather effects. We’re still waiting on a full release date, but you can play the excellent Sons of Valhalla demo right now.

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