Stardock unveil Sorcerer King, a new 4X fantasy game on Steam Early Access

Sorcerer King

Stardock, who brought us the likes of Sins of a Solar Empire and Galactic Civilizations, have abandoned the setting of space in favour of a more traditional fantasy one. Their new 4X strategy game is called Sorcerer King, and it’s available today via Steam Early Access.

It’s a “new breed” of strategy game according to Stardock.

The premise of Sorcerer King is fairly simple: you need to stop the Sorcerer King. The difficult part is that he’s very powerful, and lives inside the safety of his Shadow Gate. You’ll need to explore the world, hiring the help of other heroes, crafting powerful artifacts and wrestle control of the kingdom back from chaos.

But you’ll have to be careful, as the Sorcerer King doesn’t play by the same rules as you. “The Sorcerer King doesn’t need to crush your empire, he just needs to destroy the magical shards in order to enact his doomsday plan,” Stardock explained. “Defending the shards, not careful plotting toward economic victory, is the only way to save the world.”

The game is expected to be fully released early next year, but you can give it a go today with the Early Access version on Steam; It’s $34, which is around 15% off the launch price. While the game plans to host plenty of additional content post-release, the Early Access game only has a few maps for the time being, while Stardock are “hand-crafting” some more.

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