Spellbreak combos – all the spell combinations you can conjure

How to combine Spellbreak spells to impress your friends and explode your enemies

What are all the Spellbreak combos? Spellbreak is not your typical shooty-shooty bang bang blam blam pew battle royale game – instead of searching depressing interiors for the same old rifles, grenades, and shotguns, players wield a combination of powerful elemental gauntlets, flinging spells about as they leap and hover over castles and hills. When two teams collide, you’ll see them splattering toxic matter all over the walls, conjuring great plumes of fire, hurling boulders across crumbling ruins, and whipping each other with scythes of wind.

Before you prepare to enter Spellbreak’s arena of chaos, you’ll need to choose from one of six elemental classes – Conduit, Pyromancer, Tempest, Stoneshaper, Toxicologist, or Frostborn. This grants you the classes’ corresponding gauntlet strapped to your arm – and special class perks to boost its power – but since you’ve been blessed with two arms, there’s space for another. You’ll have to loot your second gauntlet while you’re on the ground, and once it’s equipped, you’ll have access to some extra spells. Here’s the fun part: spells of different classes combine to create new and exciting elemental phenomena. For example – if you shoot a fireball at a whirlwind, it’ll turn into a blazing tornado.

Not only are these Spellbreak combos effective offensively, you can also use them to neutralise or deflect incoming enemy attacks. If you synergise with your team, you can achieve results that take three or more types of spells to create. For example – hitting ice with a fireball creates steam which can then be electrified. Fire tornadoes can be toxified, creating a vertical explosion. This might seem like a lot of interactions to memorise, but learning the Spellbreak combos is crucial to understanding class counters, and forming strategies that will enable you to survive long enough to eliminate the competition. So without further ado – here are all the Spellbreak combos in the game, according to the Spellbreak wiki.

Spellbreak lightning combos

  • Ice: Both of your skills electrify ice and water puddles if they hit them or a player standing on them. Hitting Steam Puddles or ice blocks electrifies a small radius around them. Your Lightning Bolts can block an Ice Lance, but will be blocked by Ice’s Flash Freeze ability.
  • Fire: Your Lightning Strike will be redirected towards any nearby Flamewall. Lightning Bolts, however, pass straight through it.
  • Toxic: Shooting a Lightning Bolt at a Toxic Puddle or Toxic Cloud will electrify them. Your bolts can’t pass through a Toxic Cloud and are deflected by Toxic Spray.
  • Stone: You can stop a Shockwave if you time your Lightning Strike correctly. However, Boulderfall will block incoming Lightning Bolts.
  • Wind: Lightning Bolts aren’t affected by the Tornado’s pull, but if they hit the Tornado directly, it will turn into a Lightning Tornado. Wind users’ Wind Shear can become electrified upon passing through your lightning. Your Lightning Strike is also a useful spell against Tempest users soaring above your head, as it can hit them regardless of how high in the sky they are.

Spellbreak fire combos

  • Ice: Your Fireballs will melt ice blocks and puddles into Steam Puddles – these will instantly extinguish your Fireballs or your Flamewall. Ice users can turn these Steam Puddles into ice blocks, and extinguish nearby fires with their Flash Freeze. You can’t spawn a Flamewall inside a Flash Freeze, but your Flamewall and any burning puddles can block a single Ice Lance shot, becoming extinguished in the process. An Ice Lance will also extinguish your Fireball.
  • Lightning: Lightning Bolts pass straight through Flamewalls, but Lightning Strikes will be redirected to them.
  • Toxic: Toxic Spray is blocked completely by a Firewall, a Fireball, or a Flame Puddle – instead, it turns them into deadly green Dragonfire. If you set a Toxic Cloud alight, there will be a huge Dragonfire explosion, but nearby fires will be extinguished. Igniting a Toxic Puddle will start a Dragonfire on it, too.
  • Stone: You can set Boulderfall on fire, but Shockwave can block your Fireballs. If Shockwave passes through fire, it’ll leave a fire trail behind.
  • Wind: Wind Shear will pass through and extinguish Flame Puddles and sections of your Flamewall. Their trajectory will be thrown off by a Fireball. Fireballs are affected by Tornado’s pull – if you hit one directly, it’ll make a Fire Tornado. These Fire Tornados explode vertically if toxified.

Spellbreak wind combos

  • Ice: Your Tornado will alter the trajectory of an Ice Lance, and remove any Ice or Water puddles or mists nearby. Your Wind Shear will shatter Ice Puddles, creating Ice Mists, and blow away Water and Steam Puddles. It won’t do anything to Ice Blocks, however. Your Wind Shears will also be blocked by Flash Freeze.
  • Fire: You can extinguish Flame Puddles and parts of a Flamewall with your Wind Shear, but Fireballs will block them. Your Tornado’s pull will alter a Fireball’s trajectory, and will combine with fire to create a Fire Tornado, which will explode vertically if exposed to toxic skills.
  • Lightning: Shooting your Wind Shears through lightning will electrify them. You can’t block Lightning Bolts with a Tornado, but if your Tornado is hit by Lightning, it will electrify and turn into a Lightning Tornado.
  • Toxic: You can throw off Toxic Cloud’s trajectory with a Wind Shear, or cause it to dissipate if you hit it five times. Firing Wind Shears at toxic matter will create Toxic Mist. Your tornadoes will heavily affect Toxic Spray’s trajectory, and they will also dissipate any Toxic Clouds, Mists, and Puddles. If directly toxified, however, your Tornado turns into a Toxic Whirlwind, which can then be ignited to create a huge vertical explosion.
  • Stone: Boulderfall will screw with your Wind Shear, causing it to either lose momentum, or be pushed further than usual. You can completely ruin the trajectory of a Boulderfall with your Tornado.

Spellbreak stone combos

  • Ice: Your Boulderfall can block an Ice Lance, after which it will freeze solid. It also freezes if it travels into Flash Freeze – and then creates Ice Mist, which can also be made by shattering Ice Blocks and Puddles with Boulderfall or Shockwave. Shockwave will remove Water Puddles, but not Steam Puddles.
  • Fire: Sending your Shockwave through fire will leave a fire trail behind it. Your Shockwave can also block Fireballs. Your Boulderfall can be ignited, creating a Flame Puddle where it hits.
  • Lightning: Lightning Strikes can stop your Shockwave, but your Boulderfall can block Lightning Bolts.
  • Toxic: Your Shockwave will pass through a Toxic Cloud and remove a Toxic Puddle entirely. Boulderfall can also remove Toxic Puddles, block Toxic Spray, and collide with the Toxic Cloud projectile.
  • Wind: Your Boulderfall will mess with the momentum of a Wind Shear attack, but a Tornado will similarly ruin the trajectory of your Boulderfall with its pull.

Spellbreak toxic combos

  • Ice: Your Toxic Spray will convert Ice and Water puddles into Toxic Puddles and Steam Puddles into Toxic Clouds. You can also block Ice Lance with a Toxic Spray. Your Toxic Puddles can be turned into Toxic Ice Puddles with Ice’s Flash Freeze, which don’t do anything exciting until they’re ignited, turning into a giant Dragonfire. If you shoot Toxic Spray through Flash Freeze, the streams become ice projectiles. Ice will freeze your Toxic Cloud into a frozen block, unless a player is inside, in which case it turns into Ice Mist.
  • Fire: Fireballs block your Toxic Spray, and so do Flame Puddles and Flamewall, which will turn into Dragonfire when hit with your green gunk. When hit by fire, or cast through it, your Toxic Cloud ignites into a huge Dragonfire explosion which clears nearby fires. Fireballs also turn your Toxic Puddles into Dragonfire.
  • Lightning: Lightning Bolts and Strikes electrify your Toxic Cloud and Toxic Puddles, shocking nearby players. Your Toxic Spray can be electrified by shooting it through lightning, and can also block Lightning Bolts.
  • Stone: A Boulderfall can block your Toxic Spray, collide with your Toxic Cloud projectile, and remove your Toxic Puddles on the ground. Shockwave also removes Toxic Puddles, and goes straight through your Toxic Cloud.
  • Wind: The Tornado will dissipate Toxic Clouds, Mists, and Puddles, and affect the trajectory of Toxic Spray. You can toxify the Tornado into a Toxic Whirlwind, which can then be ignited, causing a giant explosion of Dragonfire. Wind Shear will affect Toxic Cloud’s trajectory, and can blow the cloud away with five strikes, stirring up Toxic Mist.

Spellbreak ice combos

  • Fire: Fireballs will melt your Ice Puddles into Steam Puddles, and break Ice Blocks. Flamewall and Fireballs will extinguish upon contact with these puddles, however, and your Flash Freeze will put out all nearby fires and turn Steam Puddles into Ice Blocks. Flash Freeze also prevents Flamewalls from being spawned inside it, and Flame Puddles and Flamewalls block a single Ice Lance before being extinguished.
  • Lightning: Lightning spells electrify water, Steam Puddles, Ice Puddles, and ice blocks. Lightning Bolts can block Ice Lance, and Flash Freeze blocks Lightning Bolts.
  • Toxic: You can freeze Toxic Clouds into ice blocks – if a player is inside, however, it will turn into Ice Mist instead. Toxic Spray contaminates Ice and Water Puddles into Toxic Puddles, and Steam Puddles into Toxic Clouds. The spray can also block your Ice Lance. Conversely, you can freeze Toxic Puddles back to Ice with Flash Freeze – but when ignited, they turn to Dragonfire.
  • Stone: Shockwave will turn Ice Puddles and blocks into Ice Mist, and remove Water Puddles, but it doesn’t affect Steam Puddles. You can freeze a Boulderfall solid, and it’ll create Ice Mist when it lands. Boulderfall can also smash your Ice Puddles and Blocks into icy mist.
  • Wind: Tornados will mess with your Ice Lance trajectory, and remove any nearby Water Puddles, Ice Puddles, or Ice Mists. Wind Shears will also shatter your Ice Puddles, creating Mist, and will blow away Water and Steam Puddles, but can’t break Ice Blocks. Wind Shears can’t pass through your Flash Freeze, however.

There you go – those are all the Spellbreak combos in the game. We hope you can remember all of them, because there will be a test. The test will be conducted several meters in the sky, and your examiner will be trying to kill you. On the plus side; Spellbreak is one of the best-looking anime games; so even that boulder flying at your head is aesthetically pleasing.