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New 97% rated cozy game is already blowing up on Steam

Spirit City: Lofi Sessions takes the cozy game genre to the next level with an homage to Lofi Hip Hop Radio — Beats to Relax / Study To.

Cozy game blows up on Steam: A cartoon woman with pink hair holding a cup of coffee, from Spirit City: Lofi Sessions.

How cozy can a ‘cozy game’ get? Over the years, the burgeoning genre — best defined by entries like Flower, Stardew Valley, My Time at Portia, Cozy Grove, and more — has given players plenty of ways to wind down from a busy day with experiences that, defined loosely, are meant to soothe and relax their audience. Now, with the launch of Spirit City: Lofi Sessions, a game that takes inspiration from internet institution and concentration aid Lofi Hip Hop Radio — Beats to Relax / Study To, the cozy game has reached something like its final form.

Spirit City: Lofi Sessions and its take on the relaxing game genre seems to have struck a chord with Steam players. Since it came out two days ago, the game has shot up the charts, reaching, at the time of writing, a 24 hour peak of 4,043 concurrent players and a 97% Overwhelmingly Positive rating.

Cozy game blows up on Steam: SteamDB statistics for Spirit City: Lofi Sessions.

On its Steam page, Spirit City is described as “a gamified focus tool, set to a soothing lofi soundtrack.” Though there are things to do in it, such as collect cutesy companion creatures or customize the displayed character and their room, the main appeal of the game is its ability to help players chill out or better focus on their work. To this end, there are sound effects to add over Spirit City’s music playlist, such as fireplace or rain noises, and built in productivity features, like a habit tracker that awards experience points used to unlock new customization features.

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Spirit City: Lofi Sessions is discounted by 20% on Steam from now until April 22, which brings its cost to $9.59 USD / £7.99. Grab a copy right here.

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