Splinter Cell: Blacklist co-op missions are “something for the hardcore fans” – see one demoed here


Ubisoft Toronto refer to the new Splinter Cell’s co-op mode as ‘grim missions’, which frankly seems unnecessarily self-deprecating. Indeed, they’re probably quite good – sneaking with friends as either Archer or Kestrel actually proved the highlight of Conviction for many. Chin up, Ubi!

I’m playing dumb, of course. Grim is Anna Grímsdóttir – Third/Fourth Eschalon tech support and longtime voice-in-your-ear. It’s one of her “hardcore” missions that the developers are demoing for us in the video below.

“Grim missions are all about stealth,” says lead co-op designer Richard Carrillo, “so those fans that really enjoy hardcore stealth, they’re going to love the Grim missions.”

Grim is “all about that Ghost playstyle,” he continues – though Ubi have modified the traditionally hands-off definition of Ghosting somewhat to suit their purposes.

“She wants you to go in, hack three different stations, three different objectives, and then get out, all without being detected,” he explains. “You can take people out as much as you need to, of course, hide their bodies, but at the end of the day if you’re detected you have to start all over.

“It’s definitely something for the hardcore fans.”

Do you consider yourself a hardcore Splinter Cell fan? Or fancy those who do? Let us know your thoughts on Blacklist’s approach to co-op in the comments.

Thanks, VG247.