Splinter Cell: Blacklist trailer sees Sam engage in government-sanctioned stalking


The thing about enemies of the state, right, is that they like to disguise their identities by altering the pitch of their voices. That’s sort of their prerogative. But I can’t help but feel that their consistent leanings towards the bassier end of the scale – the choice of Sauron and unambiguous evil – only contributes to their unerring ability to attract men like Sam Fisher. Perhaps if they went higher, aimed for shrill or irritating, they’d live a little longer?

Speaking of abilities, Splinter Cell: Blacklist’s new ‘Abilities’ trailer features a pitch-bent voiceover from a likely villain. I wonder which way they’ll go?


Sam’s abilities, incidentally, are listed as ‘Stalk’, ‘Strike’, and ‘Silence’, though I’m sure that last one is more of a symptom. Anyway. This game look any good to you?