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This Spore dragon a player created was so complex it couldn’t be saved


If you’ve ever played around with Spore, you know how annoying it can be to make decent creatures. If you’re YouTuber DarkEdgeTV, you make enormous dragon creatures that basically break the game. 

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This YouTuber’s most detailed creation yet, the Great Red Dragon, ended up crashing because the build is so freakishly complex. Utilizing mods, the YouTuber made this ravishing red dragon megabuild with the aid of PC tools and various textures. Of note, he used Davo’s Dark Injections mod as well as CamBen’s Color Pack to give the dragon its eerie red hue, but the talent was all DarkEdgeTV.

He’s got an entire gallery of enormous and ridiculous creations if you’re keen on checking them out via YouTube. Just don’t be surprised if it sparks some sort of creative renaissance in you and you go trying to “break” Spore too. We could sure use some better creations than the errant reproductive organ monsters out there, anyway.