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SpyParty update puts its posh frock on for the Ballroom party


SpyParty – the asymmetrical multiplayer game where one player pretends to be an NPC while the other attempts to find and shoot them – will be getting a shiny update this week. The Not-Strictly Ballroom Update finally turns the game from a collection of rough placeholder graphics into something that actually resembles a party. 

SpyParty gif

With the update, the big windows open up to a room that looks like a classy ballroom, filled with equally classy NPCs that wear rather classy suits and dresses. Bookcases now look like wooden holders of tomes, rather than glowy boxes of game-item-here. It won’t change the way you play, but it certainly helps with the immersion.

The update adds six new characters, and a few tweaks, and increases the density of the party to 16 guests, making life increasingly difficult for the sniper who has the guess which are NPCs and which are the player.

You can play SpyParty with the new update as part of the early access beta.

Thanks, Rock, Paper, Shotgun.