Squad’s June update promises vehicles, mortars in coming versions


Tactical military simulator Squad, currently in Early Access, will be receiving some long-awaited vehicles in the next version as well as new weapons and maps down the line.

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The June update from Offworld Industries recaps all the work that’s gone into making the independent studio’s large-scale warfare game throughout this month, which sounds like it’s been busy.

Among the full list of implemented and soon-to-be implemented features are the vehicles promised since launch into Early Access last year. The vehicles have proven difficult for the team, who in previous updates have spoken of how the entire engine’s handling of player character entities had to be reworked to allow them to exist in four-wheeled rather than two-legged forms.

Having got past that extremely Game Development hurdle, June has seen most of the work focused into tweaking the handling of different types of vehicles, meaning insurgent Technicals will be faster and more nimble than armed forces Humvees.

Future updates will also include new weapons, such as theM1937 82mm Mortar, and deployable heavy machine guns (such as the DShK which is mounted on the back of Technicals).

Art teams have also been working on new US Army soldier models, as well as maps such as Yehorivka, Gorodok and new “zones” to add to maps such as apartment blocks.

For the full run-down of everything being worked on and ready for release in Version 7 and beyond, see the recap here.