Sssshhh, you’re being murdered: see stealth, Assassin’s Creed 4 style


Ubisoft have put together a stealth trailer for the latest in their popular series of Killer Rules videogames. That is to say, a short film on the subject of sneaking – not a trailer so technologically advanced as to avoid detection altogether. In fact, I think they’d very much like you to see it. Oblige an old publisher, if you would, and watch creepy Conway at work below.

Hiding is always a tricksy mechanic when your world is entirely open – particularly given Ubi Montreal’s previous with dodgy stealth sections. The answer, apparently: lots of roofs, lots of jumping off ‘em. That familiar cheerleading eagle doesn’t strike me as particularly conducive to sneaking, though, frankly:

And then there’s a really, really expensive-looking live-action bit, in which we’re encouraged to ‘Defy the Creed’ – though presumably not to the extent that we stop assassinating people. Then what would we do, eh lads? Way-hay and woops me trousers, pirate’s life for me, I got a boat for free, or similar:

A challenge: can you think of any reason Kenway would ignore the battle teetering in the balance below in favour of a good monologue?