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Free Steam keys: Win a copy of realistic space station management sim Stable Orbit!

Stable Orbit

After growing for a year with the help of community feedback, space station management sim Stable Orbit is now out of Early Access and has seen a full release with new features on Steam.

Led byJim Offerman, whoworked onDeus Ex: Human RevolutionandTomb Raider, Stable Orbit is an effort from new studio Codalyn to give you the real experience that space agencies face every day. That includes finding solutions to deal with dwindling oxygen, unexpected disasters, and limited funds.

That might sound stressful. But, obviously, with Stable Orbit you get the chance to handle those kinds of situations without risking millions of pounds of spaceship and human lives. Anyone who’s had a go at building and launching their own rocket into space in Kerbal Space Program will know the allure of this kind of challenge, and the satisfaction that comes with having a breakthrough discovery in the void of space.

If you’ve played Stable Orbit before in its Early Access phase then it’d be worth heading back into it now. The reason being that it’s now much more polished and has new features including orbital management, random events and disasters, and a full sandbox mode that allows you to create a space station without restrictions.

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