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STALKER follow-up Survarium in-game screenshots suggest plenty of freedom


Survarium is an MMOFPS, though that doesn’t mean it’ll necessarily bear any resemblance to Planetside 2, or even Firefall. Nobody’s quite sure what it means yet, which right now makes it one of the most exciting spaces in PC gaming. Survarium promises deathmatches, but also an open world – and it’s the latter that ex-GSC Game World developers Vostok are alluding to in this latest round of screenshots.

The shots show “fragments” of a school in a very Eastern European state of dilapidation. Branches intrude on hallways, sporting strange, purple sacs of something organically alien. Low-backed wooden chairs sit patiently in a corner, waiting for a long-gone lesson to begin. Vegetation climbs everything, in lieu of snipers.

Thanks to VG247 for pointing them out.

A few weeks ago, Vostok revealed the game’s scavenger class; all players start as scavengers, “alone, dirty, living in slums”. And I thought games were all about escapism.

What sort of game do you think Survarium’s going to be?