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The slide of your life: Tron meets Blade Runner in slide-em-up Standby


Standby. Standby for something big. Such a bold introduction was surely what the folks behind Standby, a ‘slide-em-up’ from developer Noclip, had in mind when it came to naming their game. Standby is worth waiting for. Hell, I should be doing their PR for them.

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Actually, they seem to be doing the PR side pretty damn good. If you check out the video below, you’ll see Standby’s gameplay looks at fast paced as its art style is minimalist. It’s all a little bit sexy.

“Inspired by neo-noir style of Blade Runner and lightning like speeds of Lupin The Third anime, Standby tells the story of a small-time hustler who dives into a whole life challenge inviting to break through the world gone corrupted,” details the game’s press blurb, presumably read out in the kind of husky accent you get in film trailers at the cinema.

“Slide your way through the spacetime with teleports, use the entourage to outsmart the broken security mechanisms, blast the obstacles away with a gun and remember that it’s all about an escape from the decadent, cruel but visually stunning darkish neon lit world,”

I have to admit, I don’t know what a slide-em-up is, but I’m guessing it must look a lot like Standby. What I do know, however, is that Standby will feature more than 50 levels, a dedicated ‘speedrun mode’, and the “finest electronic music”. Well, from what I’ve heard, it certainly lives up to that particular promise.

Standby is due to hit Steam on October 14.