Stanley who? Watch Lego Marvel Super Heroes’ playable Spider-Man co-creator test his strength


It doesn’t really matter how many games you own or how broadly you educate yourself about the medium: as soon as you’re required to pick out a game for non-games savvy friends, family or family friends, your memory will fail; your shelf will stare unhelpfully back at you in plastic coldness.

That’s why everybody should have at least one Traveller’s Tales Lego game installed somewhere near the bottom of their Steam library. And of those, the in-development Lego Marvel Super Heroes is rapidly becoming a very safe bet for crowd-pleaser.

In the last ten years of Marvel films, Stan Lee has been Hotdog Vendor, Man Saving Girl, Man Crossing Street, Man Saving Innocent Person, Waterhose Man, Man in Times Square, Pickup Truck Driver, Librarian and Beauty Pageant Judge. More than anything else, he’s been Man of Cameos.

He’s lesser-spotted in vidyagames, but was playable in last year’s Amazing Spider-Man adaptation from Activision. Unfortunately you’re never going to play that, so thank goodness for this:

The famous dimmed glasses are there – now wraparounds, because everything is on a Lego face. And gosh, they haven’t gone easy on the wrinkles, have they? Man is 90, I suppose. Did you know that?

Thanks, Destructoid.