Star Citizen raises over $10m

Chris Roberts’ return to games has resulted in the highest crowdfunded game ever. Star Citizen has surpassed $10m from a combination of Kickstarter and pledges made through the website directly

And it’s not even close to stopping yet, either.

Roberts sought funding back in October 2012, asking for a measly $2m. It didn’t take long for news of the Kickstarter to spread like wildfire, finishing thirty days later at a whopping $6m. However even with the Kickstarter over, fans could still pledge through the official website. Slowly but surely more money trickled into the bank account, until it hit $10m.

What does this mean for Star Citizen?

Well it’s given Roberts and his crew a 40% increase to their initial funding. That will probably be put to use in adding new features, expanding on existing ones and that all important polish. I’m sure Roberts will put up a blog post sometime soon about having attained this impressive wad of cash. 

Did you pledge to Star Citizen?

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4 Years ago

I have pledged, not huge amount and i missed getting a citizens card (for now at least)

Originally Mr Roberts was asking $2m as a proof of interest by gamers in a space sim to convince investors to pitch in in return for a portion of profits. Now the more money that is raised by crowdfunding, the less Mr Roberts has to get from investors therefore less profit is lost on returning that investment. This gives CIG a greater profit margin to plow into further developing the game. It also allows them to access better and more advanced equipment for use in the development of the game. Such as their own state of the art mocap studio, custom designed by the same folks who do Track IR.