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Star Citizen trailer advertises spaceships; lacks visual metaphors of car adverts


We’re still waiting on footage of Star Citizen in action – so far we’ve only seen renderings taken from the game’s engine – but in lieu of in-game footage developer Cloud Imperium have put out a new trailer.

It’s very pretty.

Again this is supposedly footage captured from within the game’s engine, So what we can garner of the game’s quality from that statement is difficult to gauge: will the ship models be of a similar quality, the effects as beautiful, or the camera movements as smooth? Unlikely, but it’s impossible to say for sure.

Also, Imperium have made a rookie mistake: while the video’s clearly trying to ape the style of car advertisements, they’ve gone and actually shown the ship that’s being advertised. Surely they realise that to advertise vehicles you need to use crude visual metaphors and avoid showing the machine in question at all costs:

Cheers, RPS.