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This Star Citizen gun fires feet

The Coda's bullets are leaving an interesting pattern in the dust

Star Citizen really does have everything, including a gun that shoots feet. You might say that it has some real kick, or that it’s a step up from other weapons, or that it’s a terrific tool for kicking ass. Of course, the real tricky bit is that this gun shoots invisible feet, which I think makes it an even more effective weapon.

The gun in question is the Coda, and it’s the subject of a brief clip posted to Reddit from user Aza_. He loads the weapon, takes aim, and fires a series of shots at the dusty terrain. Everything works as you’d expect, except instead of bullet marks on the ground, there are footprints left by invisible forces. It’s like a religious motivational poster, except Jesus is apparently a gun.

It’s likely just a bug that’s swapped out the usual bullet decal for a footprint, and it’s not the first of its type. Another clip, over a year old, shows something similar happening with the railgun, except the footprint is much, much bigger to match the increased blast size.

These bugs will likely get patched, but I’m left subtly hoping that they don’t.

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Look forward to Star Citizen’s eventual release. Someday. Probably within our lifetimes, but I will make no guarantees to that effect.