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Star Citizen is finally about to get some of our most wanted features

Star Citizen's Alpha 3.23 patch includes revamped and reworked features that should help bring the space game closer to its final form.

Star Citizen is finally getting some of our most wanted features: A bemused man with a mustache, from Star Citizen.

Star Citizen, the perpetually upcoming space sim, is getting a new patch very soon. In light of just how many updates have come out over the years, this may not seem very exciting on its surface, but, considering what’s going to be included in the Alpha 3.23 patch when it launches, this looks like one to actually look out for. In short: Star Citizen is finally about to get some of the features and revisions we’ve been wanting most.

The space game‘s Alpha 3.23 patch has been detailed in a new video from the Star Citizen dev team. In it, Cloud Imperium designers give us a tour of the work that’s been done on the game’s heads up display, specifically its lens and visor systems that inform how the player sees their surroundings (and important information about character status and mission objectives) through either a contact lens or helmet visor.

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The team also digs into the current state of Star Citizen’s loot features, which, like the lens and visor revision, have cleaned up how the player’s inventory is handled when grabbing in game items, and streamlines the ways these items are equipped and stored. Last, Cloud Imperium gets into Star Citizen’s shopping systems, explaining how it’s revamped buying items through an AR overlay that fits better with its new lens and visor features. These all seem like solid improvements to the flow and visuals of the game, which makes us excited to see what’s planned for the next update.

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