Star Citizen 1.1 is live; includes the ability to rent ships and components with REC

Star Citizen 1.1

Roberts Space Industries has today updated their multi-mega-million crowdfunded space-sim, Star Citizen, to version 1.1. With the release, a flurry of new features have been added, as well as various new ships, new systems – such as landing – and improved control schemes.

But by far the most important addition is the new REC rental system, which allows players to spend currency in order to rent ships and components for use. Players can earn REC right now, by playing in the multiplayer Arena Commander module as of today.

Star Citizen’s new ships come in all shapes, sizes, and price tags. The Aegis Retaliator comes in a civilian refit variant, trading its huge torpedo bays for massive cargo capacity, however, it can still function as a bomber. It’ll set you back a whopping $330 if you want to buy it with cash. The Aegis Gladius is a much, much cheaper ship however, only costing $90, and fitted as a fast and light dogfighter – equipped with powerful multi-cannons.

Before, players would access the Arena Commander via their ships in their hangar. Now, players will visit a “SimPod” that will not only grant them access to the Arena Commander, but in the future, Star Marine – the FPS variant to be included in Star Citizen as development continues.

The new REC credit system allows pilots to accrue currency to be spent on renting space ships and components. All backers will automatically earn 5,000 REC to get them started, with more to be earned by playing in Arena Commander matches (but not Free Flight). Players can then rent ships and components for up to seven days, with the timer ticking down in 24 hour increments as soon as they use their items in Arena Commander.

The update is live now, so if you’re in the backer’s alpha, you can download the patch today!