Star Citizen Alpha 2.0 trailer shows off the First Person Universe

Star Citizen Alpha 2.0

Star Citizen’s alpha is in version 2.0 right now, and a new trailer shown at The Game Awards splices together its space flight, planet hopping, iron-sights shooty gameplay elements into one rather exciting lump.

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Developer RSI are determined to show off how seamless it all is, describing the whole thing as a First Person Universe since you can play everything through the eyes of your character (not that that’s stopped third person shots turning up in the trailer).

If that’s got you worked up enough, you can grab the alpha from the Star Citizen website. Or perhaps it’s just convinced you to return to Elite, where the new Horizons planet-surface expansion has just entered beta.

Note: The trailer suggests that the alpha is available for all to play, but this is not the case. A small selection of crowdfunding backers are allowed access on the public test server, and more backers will be able to play soon. A solid release date for the alpha is yet to be decided. An apology from RSI can be found on the Star Citizen website. Thanks to readers RavenHawk and metaldrumcore for pointing this out.