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Star Citizen Alpha 2.1 patch brings new ships as funding total tops $105 million

The battlecruiser of money that is Star Citizen forges ever onward with a new patch introducing ships, weapons, balance changes and, of course, bug fixes. The headline additions for this go round are the Aegis Vanguard Warden and the MISC Freelancer vessels. The former is a heavy fighter designed to come out on top and make it home even if half of it is spinning off into space from enemy weapons fire. The latter is a long-range merchant integrated with alien tech, but can easily be turned into an exploration ship for heading out into the unknown wilds.

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As for the meat of the patch, it's not a humongous one but does contain several important changes:

  • A new system for exploring outside ships has been disabled for the time being as they work on bug fixes.
  • That new Vanguard Warden ship is a bit OP at the moment and they'll be continuing to work on it.
  • But it does come with a nice new gun, The Apocalypse Arms Revenant, that can be purchased for other ships if you like.
  • Another mission has been added to the persistent universe module, with multiple endings.

Meanwhile the funding total has soared past $105 million, not a huge way off the $130 million mark which will be double the last time there were any stretch goals. It's chugging away at about $5,000 an hour at the moment, which got me curious what the average was. Turns out the game has been making just under a dollar a second, every second, since the campaign first launched in October 2012. I'd take it.

It leaves me wondering just what folks are doing with these ships once they've picked them up in droves. Our very own Jeremy, who spoke to many of Star Citizen's biggest backers at CitizenCon this year, tells me some admire the artistry, others spend thousands of hours mucking about in the flight model, some just see it as an investment. Call it a tepid take, but I don't like to drop much more than £30 on that sort of thing - though I am looking forward to whatever final product emerges. How do you spend your time in Star Citizen, if you're a player?

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Dimuscul Avatar
2 Years ago

The game only costs like 45$ or similar ... and you can have any other ship right now just playing the game. All the extra money is for funding.

If someone buys a ship thinking is the only way, or that he will get an advantage, he's wrong.

Also, when the game will be done (whatever year it is) no more buying ships.

neonmosh Avatar
2 Years ago

I payed $40 a ways back, and for a while I spent a bit of time in Arena Commander. While I would have been fine flying my crummy cargo ship into death each multiplayer session, it was exciting to be able to earn credits to fly other ships.

The best part of the rental system is that these rentals are on a "when you use it, that is when time is deducted" basis, so after a few months of coming back when Alpha 2.0 hit I still had a better ship to fly.

--Side note: Actually, I wished that World of Warcraft would employ something like this for their subscription time.--

Alpha 2.1 is crazy stupid fun, and I plan on sinking at least a few hours into it. Not only can I still rent ships, but there are a few missions to do and it feels like I can fundamentally traverse the game with more purpose beyond the endless grind of Arena Commander.

Make no mistake, the feeling of getting out of a ship to do stuff is unparalleled, and at this point I feel that my money was well spent:

1. Each ship feels unique.

2. Destroying combatants is satisfying and rewarding.

3. Space in the game already feels overwhelming (In a good way).

4. It doesn't crash often, and the Persistent Universe of the game is now playable at the moment with my GTX 670.

5. There is something to be said about form and function in the game now, and I can't quite put my finger on the word for it. How about this:

"You can see the $100 million dollar production on the screen, and Star Citizen has twice as many functional features than most AAA games on the market, in spite of it's current flaws."

alexlaird87 Avatar
2 Years ago

Imagine Ben Barrett.

Shriven Avatar
2 Years ago

Over the years of development, I have spent 150 quid. Got a Freelancer in the initial funding page and bought an Aurora with some spare cash. Im not paying anymore.

Aever Avatar
2 Years ago

Stop giving them money!