Catch your first glimpse of Ben Mendelsohn’s Star Citizen character in this new video

Ben Mendelsohn Star Citizen Squadron 42 Julian Wexler

The last time you saw Ben Mendelsohn may well have been in Rogue One, where he was playing Orson Krennic – the bad guy who was pivotal in the creation of the Death Star. He’s going to be in a different sci-fi story now, and we’ve just got our first glimpse at his character for Star Citizen’s single-player campaign.

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This came in the form of the most recent Around the Verse episode, a show where new and upcoming features for Star Citizen are shown off. This time, the focus was on secondary viewpoints and holographic rendering – primarily, the progress the team have made on creating an effective and efficient solution for it.

It’s about 16 minutes long and you can watch it above, but unfortunately there’s not much to be heard – just his wonderful holographic face to stare at.

There is, however, a little extra for the eagle-eyed – his character isn’t named on the Squadron 42 (the name for the campaign) website, but the hologram labels him as Julian Wexler. Interestingly, this character was first named (as far as I can tell) two years ago, so he’s been in the works for some time now. Perhaps he’ll be playing a key role?

Or, perhaps, that’s just a part of the elaborate world building they’re doing with the Star Citizen website. I have no idea.