Star Citizen is free to try until August 22


If you’ve been sitting on the fence about Star Citizen, you can jump in and play for free all this week before committing any cash to the lengthy crowdfunded project. 

If you prefer games that are actually out, here’s our list of the best space games.

If you want to try Star Citizen out, just head to the RSI website and register. The game is currently on version alpha 2.4.1, and is split into sections:the mini universe, arena commander dogfighting mode and a social hub.

The Free Fly will give everyone access to the Mustang Gamma, the Sabre and the Freelancer through Monday, August 22, 2016.

Star Citizen now has the first stages of its persistent universe, so your weapons, clothes and bank balance are now tied to your account and stay there when you log back on, which is nice. I do like clothes. And money.

There’s a great post over on Reddit that will solve any issues you might run into, whether while registering or playing the thing.

Whether you decide to try it out or not, you should watch this video that was posted to the official Star Citizen YouTube channel a while back. It’s about space noodles. It’s mental. Here it is: