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Star Citizen player remakes the entire first Star Wars movie in-game

A dedicated Star Citizen player has remade all of Star Wars: A New Hope inside the space game, creating a modern machinima unlike any other.

Star Citizen Star Wars film: a close up of an admiral in blue, with blonde hair

How many times have you seen Star Wars? I’d wager we all know it like the back of our hands by now, standing and cheering when that one stormtrooper bonks his head on the Death Star – I say “Threepio! Where could he be?” in the same cadence as Mark Hamill a little too much. But if you’re looking for a new take on a galaxy far, far away after all these years, an incredibly dedicated Star Citizen player has remade the entire original film in the game, and you can watch it right now.

After over 3,000 hours of work, this Star Citizen fan-film delivers on an absurd but no-longer-impossible promise: the entirety of Star Wars: A New Hope remade inside the space game. It’s not just a straight remake of the original Star Wars though, as characters, place names, jokes, and easter eggs have all changed to better reflect the universe of Star Citizen – welcome to Star Citizen Wars.

Created by Star Citizen community member ‘Erad’ with the help of 50 different actors, this is clearly a labor of love. It gives off early Red vs Blue Machinima vibes, with so many scenes from A New Hope spliced into Star Citizen in really smart ways. I swear I heard lightsaber sounds being made by someone’s mouth too, which brought quite the smile to my face. It’s properly charming, and something you can’t help but be impressed by.

You can watch the full Star Citizen Wars fan film, clocking in at over one hour and 20 minutes, below.

YouTube Thumbnail

In the spirit of George Lucas’ inability to keep his hands off the original trilogy, there’s even a special edition of Star Citizen Wars planned, which will feature audio balance fixes and updated characters, too. I seriously hope we get a Star Citizen version of Greedo saying “Maclunky.”

Erad is even brushing up on Empire Strikes Back’s Battle of Hoth, as they start early work on remaking the sequel in Star Citizen as well. Dubbed ‘The UEE Strikes Back,’ filming inside the game is scheduled to start this September.

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