Watch Star Citizen’s new damage model in action as RSI tear up ships for science

Star Citizen Damage Model

There’s few things that are as exciting as stuff blowing up in space. Robert Space Industries knows this too, and that’s why they’ve bringing in a new damage model for their mega-crowdfunded game, Star Citizen.

We’ve got a video of the new system below – if you like stuff blowing up, this is for you.

It’s quite impressive, right? Lasers sink into the ships metal frame, superheating it with a white glow before revealing their precise destruction. Kinetic ammunition from the over-sized gatling gun however systematically thud into the hull, shredding the ship, and even causing it to move in zero gravity space.

Thankfully, when you play, you’ll have the added defense of a good shield system. Otherwise, “floating in a tin can” could have a very real meaning.