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Star Conflict giveaway! Win one of 2,000 Black Hort fighter ships

Star Conflict Giveaway Black Hort

Space games are truly in vogue right now, and if you’ve been after an intergalactic getaway Star Conflict may be the ticket for you. It’s a space-faring multiplayer game with slickly-designed ships and more lasers than unplayed games in your Steam library. To make sure you’ve got a fair chance at victory, we’ve got 2,000 Black Hort fighter ships to give away. Want one? Just dock right here and follow the pilot instructions.  

Star Conflict has just been upgraded to version 1.3 with the Age of Destroyers update. Destroyers are huge, slow, but incredibly powerful ships that can decimate the opposition. To get one, you’ll need lots of resources, and gathering resources means winning games. Get a head start on your quest for a Destroyer with the Black Hort: a swift fighter ship that can provide buffs for the whole team. It’s also a premium ship, meaning you’ll gain extra money and XP with every win. Exactly what you need to build that Destroyer.

If you want to grab a Black Hort for yourself, all you have to do is use the widget below to enter our giveaway. Just complete an action – such as following us on Twitter – and you’ll be provided with your very own shiny spaceship. Be quick though: they’re first come, first serve.

Star Conflict Black Hort

When you’ve entered the giveaway, you’ll be given a code to redeem on at the Star Conflict website. Just log in (or create an account if you don’t have one), then click ‘Redeem Code’ on the right-hand side. Drop your code in the box and hit ‘Redeem’ to claim the Black Hort for yourself.

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