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Star Control: Origins reboots a sci-fi RPG classic

Star Control: Origins

Star Control: Origins is a reboot of a classic sci-fi RPG, coming from Stardock, creators of games like Galactic Civilizations and Sins of a Solar Empire. This title is quite the departure for the strategy developers, but they really want to do the series justice for its fans. That’s why they’ve gone down the reboot route, in case the original developers want to pick up the second game’s cliffhanger ending. 

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Star Control: Origins casts you as the captain of Earth’s first interstellar starship. Piloting it through the inky black, you explore a procedurally created galaxy, making contact with various alien races, exploring worlds, and engaging in space battles.

The game starts in 2086 with the unaware humans receiving a distress call from an alien ship that has crashed on the moon of Triton. Star Control, an international space agency dedicated to protecting the Earth, is formed and tasked with investigating.

“We Earthlings are the newcomers to the galactic scene,” said Brad Wardell, executive producer. “The dozen plus space-faring species have been hatching their schemes since before we got out of trees. Now, suddenly, they have to deal with those meddling apes from Sol 3 who threaten to upset the plot.

“Star Control is ultimately about us Earthlings exploring the galaxy, finding and talking to strange alien civilisations, and hopefully living to tell the tale. We are hopeful those who remember the original trilogy will like the direction we’re taking here while at the same time introducing a whole new generation to the awesomeness of a game that combined action, adventure, and role-playing in a sci-fi game simultaneously.”

Star Control: Origins is scheduled for release in 2017.

Players interested in joining the Founder’s program for $39.99 will gain access to the upcoming beta program as well as access to the Founder’s Vault, mod tools, private journals and more. Visit the official site for more details.