Star Trek: The Game trailer; in which Spock pinches a lizard


“Take that, Lizard,” Spock screamed as he plunged two digits into the space alien’s neck, once again proving that across all species there is a nerve cluster which has the express purpose of disabling the owner’s body. He then turned to the rest of the lizard’s squad saying threateningly, “You want some of these babies?” holding his two fingers aloft.

Sure the context of the scene is lost in the trailer for Star Trek: The Game, they cut out all the dialogue, replacing it with inappropriate music, and place the camera such that you can’t see the lizard brethren, but you know that’s what was going on. You just know.

So. Yes. That’s a thing. I’m sure it will be fine.

Due out on 26 April (I hear there is a film out around that time too. What a happycoincidence), Star Trek: The Game will feature similarly valid self-observation by letting you play as Captain Kirk: The Captain and his second in command Spock: First Officer, shoot phasers: The Gun at aliens: The Baddies.

Contain your excitement.